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Incident Command Forms

All IC Forms (PDF)

By Job Title

Job Title/Description Forms Required Form # (PDF)
Incident Commander:
The person who is overall in charge of an Incident Scene. Provides overall objectives. Approves the Incident Action Plan.
Incident Action Plan Checklist
Incident Briefing
Incident Organization Chart
Organization Assignment List
After Action Review
APDST-01a (ICS 201)
APDST-03 (ICS 207)
ADPST-03a (ICS 203)
Information Officer:
Gathers information from reporting party, talks to the press if needed.
Missing Person Data Sheet
Safety Officer:
Is in control of the overall safety of an Incident. Reports to the Incident Commander and also to any of the command staff concerning safety issues.
Safety Checklist APDST-11
Planning Officer:
Reviews the data collected from the Missing Person Data Sheet. Plans out the search areas and determines search strategies. Reviews any clues found and adjust search areas as needed.
Incident Objectives
POA Matrix
Clue Log
APDST-01b (ICS 202)
Liaison Officer:
Coordinates with other resources assisting with the search.

Operations Officer:
Reviews the task assignment log and assigns teams to those tasks. Relays to the IC Staff the resources available in the staging area. Keeps track of all teams.
Task Assignment Log
Team Log
Team Task Log
Team Assignment
Staging Area Manager:
Sets up and controls the staging area. Should organize resources according to their abilities.
Staging Assessment Log
Staging Layout Plan
Check In & Out Clerk:
Assists the Staging Area Manager by signing everyone into and out of the staging area. Can also help determine what abilities each member has and how well equipped they are.
Check In / Out Log
Agency Check In / Out Log
APDST-05 (ICS 211b)
APDST-05a (ICS 211a)
Logistics Officer:
Orders in supplies and other resources as needed to operate the Incident. (Food, Medical Staff, Transportation, Facilities, Support).
Logistics Checklist
Medical Unit Leader:
Establishes the medical plan for the Incident.
Medical Plan
APDST-12a (ICS 206)
Communications Unit Leader:
Sets up all communications for the Incident.
Incident Radio Communications Plan
APDST-08a (ICS 205)
Communications Clerk(s):
Handles communications and maintains a log of all conversations.
Communication Log APDST-08
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